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When you’re competing against the big players, you want to stand out from the rest. Here at Kia Ora, we provide Enterprise SEO for big business. We’re always thinking outside the box and coming up with ways to take your brand to the next level. We provide SEO for BigCommerce, along with all the biggest Ecommerce platforms in the world, like ShopifyMagento and WordPress. With such a versatile offering, we’ll find the right platform to suit your business needs.

Maximise Your ROI

With our expert SEO services for platforms like BigCommerce, you can maximise your sales and expand your reach like never before. We work hard to make sure we increase your organic search ranking so you come in at #1.

KPI-based Campaigns

We’re a performance-driven agency, and we like to get results. Your success is our success. We structure our campaigns around reaching SEO KPIs, then use this data to devise an innovative strategy to take your business to new horizons.

Winning Team

You can trust the team at Kia Ora to get results. We’ve worked on thousands of campaigns, across a wide spectrum of industries – and our case studies speak for themselves. With our experience and know-how, you’re guaranteed to achieve a whole new level of success.

We've worked with 150+ clients including:

Our SEO Services

Here’s what we’ll do for you

You’re established your business, and you have a decent brand following. Now you’re looking for ways to take this even further.

Here at Kia Ora, we’re full of big ideas designed to take your business to the top (and to rank #1 on Google). If you’re looking to fuel your next stage of business growth, we can help migrate your website to a powerful new domain to achieve this. We also offer expert International SEO services when you’re ready to open your doors to the world.

Reach a whole new audience of customers, generate new leads and tap into uncharted markets like never before. From there, your revenue and brand exposure will increase, and you’ll never look back. Trust us.

We optimise your site to ensure a seamless user experience that will attract more buyers and ensure they spend the maximum amount of time browsing your site. The longer your customers stay, the greater your conversions will be. 

From providing a user-friendly shopfront to attract more customers, to optimising the back-end so your website will function seamlessly and effectively, we’ll make sure your online Ecommerce store is built for success.

E-Commerce Experts

About Kia Ora Digital

Kia Ora Digital is a premier digital marketing agency focused on Enterprise SEO. Our team of SEO specialists, content strategists, technical analysts, and data scientists craft strategies that drive organic traffic and maximise ROI. We understand the intricacies of large-scale enterprise SEO, from multilingual sites to varied target markets. Using advanced analytics and up-to-date industry knowledge, we ensure our clients stay ahead of SEO trends and competitors. Our results-driven approach has consistently improved search rankings and visibility for numerous enterprise clients, and we prioritise transparency and lasting partnerships.

E-Commerce Experts

We Partner with Shopify & BigCommerce

Here at Kia Ora, we’ve partnered with some of the biggest Ecommerce platforms in the world to help take your business to the top. We know these platforms inside out and know, so you can trust our team to help you get the results you want. Ask us for a quote on our expert Ecommerce SEO services today.

Don’t just take our word for it

So happy with our results. With our organic web visitors more than doubling over 5 months. With random sales coming through that we have no paid advertising going to. And always great to chat to Dan & Ben for some extra inspiration.
We’ve only been working with Kia Ora for 3 months so far but they have exceeded my expectations . We have known Dan for many years and he knows his stuff. Only wish we had chosen to work with Dan earlier instead of some of the other cowboys in the industry.
The accountability and responsiveness of the Kia Ora Digital team makes the agency great. They are incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of SEO and Page Speed Optimization. Incredibly professional all round.
Highly recommend for ecommerce growth and professional SEO expertise. Working with Dan & Ben has been phenomenal, they know what they're doing and are easy to work with. Thanks guys!
Great experience with the crew here, Dan & Ben have gone above and beyond to assist in our online business growth. Great experience with an agency!

Common SEO Questions

Enterprise SEO involves optimising websites for large-scale corporations and organisations. This presents a range of unique challenges – from standing out from your competition in search engine results and competing against the big players, to overseeing an extensive website with thousands of existing pages.

Never fear. Kia Ora Digital are the team for the job. We’ve partnered with the biggest Ecommerce platforms in the business to help oversee the next stage of your business growth. These include BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento and WordPress, along with newcomers like Webflow and Contentful. Whatever your business needs, we’ll tailor an innovative digital strategy to fit your corporate requirements.

Here at Kia Ora, we are your local Ecommerce SEO experts. We work with a broad spectrum of online businesses large and small to help them increase their revenue, sales and ROI.

We work with Shopify and Ecommerce stores across a wide range of industries – from retail and clothing to food, trades, homewares, music, and many more. No matter what business you’re in, our team is here to expand your horizons, uncover new opportunities and reach a whole new level of success.

Enterprise SEO is a highly competitive space. With so many big players jostling for the top spot online, you need a team who knows what they’re doing, who can provide you with an innovative digital campaign strategy to set yourself apart from the rest. 

Effective SEO is crucial for business growth as it expands your reach, advertises your brand, taps into new markets and allows new customers to find you. Without optimising your content, your audience will not be able to find you. But that’s what we come in. Speak to the team at Kia Ora Digital today.

As mentioned above, when competing against other enterprise-level corporations, you need a highly skilled team who knows what they’re doing.

Kia Ora Digital are your trusted SEO experts in New Zealand. Your success is our success – and we’re dedicated to providing quality service and SEO support at an affordable price, with targeted results for your ongoing business success. 

We’re a performance-driven SEO agency, and we’re committed to working with you to take your business to new heights. Let us show you how your business could grow today.

Yes, we can provide case studies and references showcasing our past successes with Enterprise SEO. Our team has helped numerous large-scale websites achieve significant improvements in search engine rankings, organic traffic, and conversions. 

We would be happy to share specific examples that align with your industry and business goals during our initial consultation.

The timeline for seeing results with Enterprise SEO can vary depending on various factors such as the current state of your website, competition levels, industry trends, and the scope of optimisation required. 

It typically takes several months to start seeing noticeable improvements in rankings and organic traffic. However, it’s important to note that SEO is an ongoing process, and continuous efforts are required to maintain and improve results over time.

Enterprise SEO focuses on optimising large-scale websites with thousands of pages, complex structures, and multiple languages. It requires specialised strategies to address the unique challenges faced by enterprise-level businesses, such as managing technical aspects, scalability, and global targeting. 

Traditional SEO, on the other hand, typically caters to smaller websites with simpler structures and focuses on local or niche markets.

Enterprise SEO is a strategic approach tailored for large businesses with multiple target markets. It focuses on optimising a vast website structure to enhance visibility across different regions, languages, and cultures.

At Kia Ora Digital, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities associated with managing an international online presence. Here’s how our enterprise SEO services can benefit global businesses:

  • Enhanced Global Reach: By optimising your website for different regions and languages, we help your business reach and resonate with a broader audience. This can result in improved visibility and increased organic traffic from various markets.
  • Localised Content: We understand the importance of cultural nuances in SEO. Our team works to create and optimise content that’s not only translated accurately but also localised to cater to the cultural preferences and search behaviours of your target markets.
  • Technical SEO Implementation: Enterprise websites often have complex structures. We manage the technical aspects of SEO, such as hreflang tags for language targeting and canonical tags to prevent duplicate content issues. This ensures your website is easily crawled and indexed by search engines.
  • Improved Search Rankings: With our comprehensive keyword research and optimisation strategies, we aim to improve your website’s rankings in each of your target markets. Higher rankings can lead to more visibility, more traffic, and ultimately, more conversions.
  • Data-Driven Strategies: We leverage analytics to monitor and tweak your SEO strategy continually. This data-driven approach allows us to make informed decisions that align with your business goals.

Our Enterprise SEO services provide a comprehensive solution for global businesses looking to improve their online presence across multiple markets. With our professional expertise, we ensure your brand’s message is effectively communicated to your diverse audience, thereby driving growth and success in your international endeavours.

Absolutely, Enterprise SEO can be a critical component when it comes to website migrations or rebranding initiatives. At Kia Ora Digital, we understand that such transitions aren’t just about aesthetics or structural changes – they also have significant implications for your SEO performance and overall online visibility.

When not handled properly, website migrations can lead to a traffic loss. Similarly, rebranding without considering SEO can negatively impact your organic visibility and rankings.

Here’s how our Enterprise SEO services can help:

  • Preservation of Rankings: We ensure that your website’s current SEO value is preserved during the transition. This includes implementing proper 301 redirects, updating internal links, and ensuring canonical tags are correctly used.
  • Content Optimisation: Whether it’s a migration or rebranding, content plays a crucial role. We  optimise your content for SEO during the transition, ensuring it aligns with your new brand identity or website structure.
  • Technical SEO Adjustments: Website transitions often involve technical changes. Our team ensures these changes are SEO-friendly, from URL structure to site architecture and mobile optimisation.
  • Monitoring and Reporting: Post-transition, we monitor your website’s performance closely to identify any potential issues quickly. We provide comprehensive reports to keep you updated on your website’s SEO health.

By partnering with us for your website migration or rebranding initiative, you can avoid any disruption and ensure a smooth transition with minimal impact on your organic visibility and traffic.

Measuring the success of Enterprise SEO campaigns is crucial for understanding your return on investment and making informed decisions about future strategies.

At Kia Ora Digital, we believe in transparency and use a range of key performance indicators (KPIs) to track and report on the progress of our Enterprise SEO campaigns. Here are some primary metrics we consider:

  • Organic Rankings: Improvement in search engine rankings for targeted keywords is a clear indicator of successful SEO efforts. Higher rankings can significantly boost your visibility and traffic.
  • Organic Search Traffic: An increase in organic traffic to your website is another positive sign. It suggests that more people are finding your site through search engines, indicating effective keyword targeting and optimisation.
  • Organic Conversions: Ultimately, SEO should contribute to your bottom line. We track conversions from organic traffic, such as form submissions, product purchases, or sign-ups, to measure the ROI of our SEO efforts.
  • Engagement Metrics: Metrics like bounce rate, pages per session, and time on site provide insights into user behaviour on your site. Improved engagement metrics suggest that your content is resonating with visitors and meeting their needs.

User experience metrics like mobile usability and page speed have become increasingly important for SEO. To ensure you’re always in the loop, we provide regular reports showcasing these metrics and explaining what they mean for your business.

This way, you can clearly see the impact of our Enterprise SEO efforts and make data-driven decisions for your future strategies.

Ready to take your SEO to the next level?

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Ready to take your SEO to the next level?

Get a FREE SEO Growth Strategy