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London Tech Week & IRX Expo 2024

We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched into the U.K., EMEA, Brazil and India!

To kick things off, our U.K. Managing Director Simon Small was recently at London Tech Week (10-12 June) and IRX (Internet Retailing Expo) in Birmingham (13-14 May).

Each year, London Tech Week brings together tech experts and innovators to discuss the latest advancements. With over 90 countries represented, it’s a huge event highlighting all the latest ideas and innovations in the industry. 

Harnessing the Power of Generative A.I.

This year there was a real focus on where things are headed with Generative A.I, following the unveiling of A.I. Overviews at Google’s I/O 2024 Conference in May. This new search feature is set to turn SEO on its head, and there was certainly a lot to say about it!

Here at Kia Ora Digital, we use innovation technology to provide targeted SEO strategies to increase organic revenue growth. We’ve harnessed the power of A.I. to build a revolutionary Revenue Forecast tool, which allows online retailers to unlock hidden revenue streams using advanced data insights. 

For businesses to thrive in the Generative A.I. era, we believe in reducing reliance on paid media to improve overall profitability. And that involves using the power of SEO to forecast your expected revenue.

Revenue Forecast at IRX 2024

At IRX in Birmingham, Simon demonstrated the potential of our SEO Revenue Forecast tool in identifying revenue opportunities through the power of organic search.

We asked ourselves, what if you could model revenue outcomes based on keyword movements? Imagine knowing which keywords will make you the most revenue. This shows you where the best opportunities lie. With our Revenue Forecast tool, this is all possible.

Best of all, this analysis uses real historical data from your business. As your revenue increases through the power of SEO, you can reduce your reliance on paid media for search.

The Way Search is Evolving

As Google moves to incorporate Generative A.I. into its search results, the way we search the internet is changing. As Simon says, ‘Google is telling us what’s out there. It’s really looking at the world of language. In A.I. terms, there is an internet of language out there that Google is fetching and searching. 

‘Meanwhile, A.I.-driven search is actually creating the language to provide personalised, conversational responses to our questions. Suddenly Google, which seemed invincible, is threatened.’

The way people search the world’s information is changing, and attention is moving towards LLMs like ChatGPT, which is rapidly evolving and improving. But Google Search is still heavily entrenched, with 24 years of established trust behind it. 

With the release of Gemini and A.I. Overviews, Google Labs are revealing Google’s intended direction. When we see A.I. data in the Google Search Console, this changes the game.

To adapt to these new search paradigms and stay visible online, businesses need to optimise their content to appear in Google’s AI Overviews. That’s where our specialised team can help you to stay ahead. 

At Kia Ora Digital, we deploy specialist technology and tools to unlock Google Search revenue in a precise, targeted way. For more information on our comprehensive SEO services, get in touch with us and say Kia Ora today.

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