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Google’s 2024 Core Update: How it Affects Shopify Stores

Google’s March update continues to make waves, with many Shopify stores caught in the fallout. 

On 5th March 2024, Google released its Core Algorithm Update. The changes prioritise what Google deems as ‘Helpful Content’, with a major crackdown on AI-generated spam and low-quality content produced solely for backlinks.

Many sites have taken a significant hit with their search rankings, which has sent many Shopify store-owners scrambling. So what should you do if you’re experiencing a drop in traffic? As official Shopify Experts and Partners, we can help you restore your rankings. 

Understanding Google’s Core Update

For Shopify store owners, understanding and adapting to these updates is crucial for maintaining and improving your store’s visibility and sales. 

Google’s Core Update is designed to improve what customers see when they search, focusing on showing high-quality, relevant content first. For those running Shopify stores, it’s a clear message: the quality of your content, how easy your site is to use, and your overall online presence needs to be top-notch.

At its core, Google’s search algorithm sifts through more than 100 trillion web pages to find the best answers to users’ questions. It doesn’t just look at one thing to decide which pages make it to the top of the search results; it uses multiple algorithms focusing on different criteria.

Though Google keeps the inner workings of these ranking systems under wraps, it has shared that it looks at five key areas when deciding where your page should rank:

  • Meaning: How well does your content match what the user is searching for?
  • Relevance: Is your content directly related to the searcher’s query?
  • Quality: Does your site provide valuable information that’s useful to the reader?
  • Usability: Is your website easy to use and accessible on all devices?
  • Context: How does the context of the search (like the user’s location or search history) influence what they’re looking for?

With customers increasingly using different ways to research before they buy – jumping from phone to laptop to tablet, for example  – it’s never been more important to make sure your Shopify store is visible and appealing across all the platforms your customers might use.

How Could Google’s Core Update Affect Your Business?

If you’re experiencing a drop in rankings or traffic, you could be affected. If you’ve been focusing on creating good content and following SEO best practices, you’re likely to see your site performing well. However, if there’s room for improvement in these areas, your site may drop in rankings.

When it comes to what Google looks for in deciding which pages to show first, five factors take the lead:

  • Fresh Content: Regularly updated content signals to Google that your site is current and relevant.
  • Keywords: Using the right words in your content helps Google understand what your site is about and match it to what people are searching for.
  • Page Experience: This includes how fast your site loads, how mobile-friendly it is, and if it’s secure (HTTPS). A better experience means higher rankings.
  • Subject Matter Authority: Google favours content created by recognised experts or authoritative sources in the field.
  • Backlinks: When other reputable sites link to yours, it’s a vote of confidence that boosts your site’s credibility in Google’s eyes.

Being proactive about these updates is crucial. Adopting strategies that cover all aspects of your online presence – not just on Google but also on platforms like Meta and Amazon – is essential. Using tools like Ubersuggest can give you insights into what your competitors are doing right, helping you make smarter decisions and plan your strategy more effectively.

SEO Penalty Recovery Services

If you’ve noticed your Shopify store’s rankings dropping after Google’s Core update, it’s not time to panic just yet. Google updates its algorithm to ensure users find the most relevant and high-quality content, which can sometimes result in penalties for sites that don’t meet these standards. 

We provide SEO Penalty Recovery services designed to identify what went wrong, apply the needed fixes, and help your store regain its previous standing in search results. Our goal is to address these issues efficiently, getting your site back on track and visible to your target audience.

Preparing for Future Updates

Adapting to Google’s updates requires a forward-thinking mindset. Here are a few strategies to ensure your Shopify store remains resilient:

  • Content Quality: Elevate your content game. High-quality, relevant content is king in Google’s eyes.
  • User Experience: Optimise your website for a seamless user experience across all devices and platforms.
  • Data Analysis: Make informed decisions based on data. Tools like Ubersuggest can provide valuable insights into your digital marketing strategy.

Why Partner with Us?

Being an official Shopify Expert, we have deep knowledge and experience in navigating the platform. We provide tailored strategies and customise our approach to fit your business’s unique goals, delivering measurable outcomes that translate into increased visibility and sales.

We’ve also built a revolutionary Revenue Forecasting tool that shows Shopify stores just how much extra revenue they could be making by ranking for certain keywords. We call this the ‘Crystal Ball of SEO’! Imagine getting up to 20x – 100x monthly ROI. Our SEO Revenue Forecast will show you the way.

For help in restoring your rankings, contact us at Kia Ora Digital today.

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