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Google to Remove Universal Analytics Data

Google has set a date for when Universal Analytics data will be waved goodbye, and that date is 1st July. 

Up until now, Universal Analytics has provided businesses with insights into customer behaviour and their web traffic. Armed with this knowledge, it’s allowed you to make data-driven decisions to improve user experience, therefore optimising your brand’s online presence and boosting overall site performance. 

We recommend exporting your historic data from Universal Analytics before Google deletes this from their system. Need help with the export? Our team is ready to assist you.

Universal Analytics: The End of an Era

Starting from the week of 1st July 2024, access to any Universal Analytics properties and the API will cease. This means all data stored in Universal Analytics will vanish into the digital ether.

This transition has been in the pipeline for a while. Since March 2023, Google stopped processing new data for standard Universal Analytics properties. They even went a step further by creating Google Analytics 4 properties for users who hadn’t manually migrated, using existing site tags when possible. 

This was all in preparation for the ultimate phasing out of Universal Analytics, setting the stage for GA4 to take the spotlight.

Why This Matters to Your Business

Your data provides critical insights into how your customers interact with your brand, the impact of your marketing efforts, and numerous other dimensions of business performance. 

The scheduled removal of Universal Analytics data marks a significant moment. Not only does it mean historical data will be erased, but you’ll also lose potentially impactful insights that could shape the direction of your future strategies. 

This makes it imperative for businesses to take immediate action to export and secure their historic data. By doing so, you can ensure you retain access to this invaluable resource to continue making informed decisions that drive your success.

How We Can Help

At Kia Ora Digital, we understand the value of data and how this transition will impact online businesses. Our mission is simple: make sure no valuable data is left behind. 

Here’s how we can help:

Expert Assistance in Data Export

We can help you export your data from Universal Analytics before it disappears. Our team is well-versed in the intricacies of both Universal and Google Analytics 4 platforms. 

We offer hands-on support to ensure your historic data is securely exported and stored through our SEO migration services. This way, you maintain access to your invaluable insights long after Universal Analytics is gone.

Smooth Transition to Google Analytics 4

This new version of Google’s analytics service is designed from the ground up to provide a more integrated view of customer data across platforms, using machine learning to generate insights and predict future customer behaviours. 

Our team can help your business to transition to GA4 smoothly. We can set up your GA4 property, ensuring that all vital tracking mechanisms are correctly implemented. This includes configuring event tracking to capture the nuanced interactions users have with your content, which is central to the enhanced capabilities of GA4. 

By ensuring you have the correct setup from the outset, we position your business to harness the comprehensive analytics and predictive insights that Google Analytics 4 offers, setting the stage for informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Ongoing Support and Analytics

We’re dedicated to your long-term success, and can provide continuing support and optimisation services. This way, we’ll ensure that your analytics framework remains perfectly tuned to your evolving business objectives. 

Our team will work tirelessly to optimise your data analysis, ensuring this contributes to your growth and enhances your ROI. By staying aligned with your goals and adapting to the changing digital environment, we help you unlock new levels of insight and efficiency, fueling sustainable business growth.

So What are the Next Steps for Your Business?

With the clock ticking towards 1st July, the time to act is now. Preserving your historical Universal Analytics data is the first step towards ensuring your business doesn’t miss a beat during this transition. Here’s a simplified checklist:

  1. Assess your current Universal Analytics setup.
  2. Determine the scope of data that needs to be exported.
  3. Contact us for expert assistance with data export and transition.
  4. Start leveraging Google Analytics 4 with our guidance to unlock new insights and opportunities.

Remember, change is the only constant in the digital world. Google’s shift from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 is a step towards more advanced, machine learning-powered analytics. With Kia Ora Digital by your side, your business is not just prepared for this change; it’s positioned to thrive.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact us today, and take the first step towards a seamless transition to Google Analytics 4. We’re ready to help you. Together, we can turn this challenge into an opportunity for growth.

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