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Here at Kia Ora Digital, our data visualisation services give you a competitive edge in the digital sphere. We use our SEO know-how and Google Data Studio reports to show, rather than tell you, the full story. Want to grow your sales, tap into uncharted revenue and take your Ecommerce store to the next level? Say Kia Ora and speak to our team of SEO experts in New Zealand today.
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Achieve Instant Results with Quality Data Visualisation

Effective data visualisation allows you to see your site’s performance in a visual format, all at a moment’s glance. When it comes to managing your SEO strategy effectively, data visualisation is key to helping you see key stats, patterns and emerging trends. This allows you to anticipate your customer’s needs and take action so you stay ahead of the curve, therefore keeping you one step ahead of your competition.

There’s no doubt about it: effective data visualisation makes a compelling case, with the ability to track your stats, performance and progress at a glance. At our data visualisation agency, we give you the tools and insights to help you achieve greater success in the online business world. We’ll provide you with a full data visualisation dashboard, complete with a series of highly customised pie charts, graphs, tables and widgets, along with geo maps and area graphs. This puts all the information you need that’s relevant to your store right at your fingertips.

Our experienced SEO technicians are also on hand to help you interpret this data and transform it into a plan for action, taking your business to new heights. Using tools like a Google Data Studio report (more on that below), we can track and measure your progress when it comes to reaching your SEO KPIs. For a data visualisation quote, talk to our experienced team today.

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Data & Reporting

Transform your Data into Action

In an ever-changing online world, to be successful you need to be able to adapt to change constantly. It’s about moving with the times and positioning yourself as a responsive business that’s in touch with the needs of your customers, about showing them that you’re listening.

When you start to notice certain trends and patterns emerging through the data, this can tell you a lot about what your audience wants. You can take this information and take action to path your way for instant results and greater success. We promise you you’ll never look back.

Google Looker Studio

Track Your Progress with a Google Looker Studio Report

Google Looker Studio is a full data visualisation dashboard that allows you to transform your data into visual, interactive charts that are easy to read and interpret. You can customise your dashboard by filtering information and dragging and dropping the charts, tables and widgets you need exactly where you want them, so you’ll instantly be able to see all the most important stats in front of you as soon as you log in. We regularly provide you with automated reports so you can see your progress every step of the way. With our comprehensive range of Shopify SEO services, we’ll carefully put together a revenue strategy for your business that’s designed to increase traffic and grow your sales. We make sure that your site is the first thing customers see when they search online. Ask us about an automated report for your business today.

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So happy with our results. With our organic web visitors more than doubling over 5 months. With random sales coming through that we have no paid advertising going to. And always great to chat to Dan & Ben for some extra inspiration.
We’ve only been working with Kia Ora for 3 months so far but they have exceeded my expectations . We have known Dan for many years and he knows his stuff. Only wish we had chosen to work with Dan earlier instead of some of the other cowboys in the industry.
The accountability and responsiveness of the Kia Ora Digital team makes the agency great. They are incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of SEO and Page Speed Optimization. Incredibly professional all round.
Highly recommend for ecommerce growth and professional SEO expertise. Working with Dan & Ben has been phenomenal, they know what they're doing and are easy to work with. Thanks guys!
Great experience with the crew here, Dan & Ben have gone above and beyond to assist in our online business growth. Great experience with an agency!

Common SEO Questions

As part of your tailored report, you’ll be able to bring together real-time data and key information from a number of sources, such as Google Analytics and Ads, along with your social media platforms. This allows you to track things such as:

  • Sales and revenue
  • Customer behaviour – such as their spending habits, how much time they spend browsing in your store, return customers and bounce rate
  • Top-selling products – what’s selling and what’s not
  • Digital marketing and advertising performance

In terms of Google Looker Studio cost and pricing, Google actually offers this service for free as part of their Cloud Platform – but there’s a lot of data to get your head around. That’s where we come in – why not call in the experts at Kia Ora Digital? We’re here to make your life easier, and with us on your side, you’ll be an unstoppable force in Ecommerce.

While Google Looker Studio shows you the same information as Google Analytics, it actually goes one step further and displays it alongside information from multiple sources, including social media and marketing performance.

It condenses all this into one automated, easy-to-read report, while transforming this information into a visual format. Information is to the point and much easier to interpret. It also allows you to share this information with others who aren’t as tech-savvy, or not familiar with Analytics. At Kia Ora Digital, we can provide you with a Google Analytics audit so you can track how things are going.


This is an incredibly versatile platform. You’ll have access to multiple sources of information all in the one place and be able to share this information easily.

Your company will also save heaps of time and money with these automated reports. Rather than having to shift through pages of confusing information, this platform takes your stats and transforms them into an interactive visual format that’s clear and concise to read. Of course, at Kia Ora we’re also on hand to help you make sense of things with our comprehensive range of services in data visualisation and analytics.

Kia Ora Digital are your local SEO experts in New Zealand. We specialise in helping online stores and businesses take their offerings to the world while helping you to grow your sales and increase revenue and conversions. Interested in finding out more? Request an audit today.

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Targeting your Audience

Adopting geo-targeting and other localisation signals, we’re able to attract those people in your target countries - no matter what language they speak.

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